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Young Leaders in Tech Policy Fellowship

7 Nov, 2022 10:00 AM - 13:00 PM

Benjamin Franklin, inventor, statesman, writer, publisher and economist relates in his autobiography that early in his life he decided to focus on arriving at moral perfection. He made a list of 13 virtues, assigning a page to each. Under each virtue he wrote a summary that gave it fuller meaning. Then he practiced each one for a certain length of time. To make these virtues a habit, Franklin can up with a method to grade himself on his daily actions.

There is really no magic to it and it’s not reserved only for a select few people. As such, success really has nothing to do with luck, coincidence or fate. It really comes down to understanding the steps in the process and then executing on those steps.

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Start Time
9:00 AM
09 Feb, 2020
16302 Lorem Porta Rt Wulfport,
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5:00 PM
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